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Trusted Node

Armanino’s TrustExplorer utilizes Trusted Node to lower the burden of hosting full, archival or mirror nodes and increases access to critical transactional and wallet balance data. The first blockchain data and API service of its kind, Trusted Node is geared toward ecosystem participants and their financial statement auditors who require relevant, reliable sources of information for balance sheet accounts with material activity on supported blockchains.

Trusted Node is built and operated under a robust compliance program and subject to SOC 1 audit, making our API service the first such compliant data service.

The Value of Trusted Node as a Service

Trusted Node provides an efficient solution for blockchain operators, consortium members and ecosystem participants who require third-party assurance regarding the security, availability and data integrity of both public and permissioned chain data.
Highly Available
Highly Available

Trusted Node increases access to much-needed transactional and wallet balance data.
Readily Accessible
Readily Accessible

It enables auditors to query data from a node hosted and maintained by a known, reputable party and obtain industry-standard assurance reporting they can rely on.
Deliver Trust & Transparency

Trusted Node was designed from inception to be a compliant service, with a robust and auditable control environment.
Hedera Hashgraph Co.

Hedera Trusted Mirror Node Service & API

Hedera Hashgraph, a public distributed ledger for building decentralized applications, is the first protocol/blockchain supported on Trusted Node. Armanino’s Trusted Hedera Mirror Node service and API provide Hedera ecosystem participants and their financial statement auditors with transactional and wallet balance data for balance sheet accounts with material activity in the HBAR cryptocurrency.

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